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Chapter 19—Fragments
Health is a treasure.—Of all temporal possessions it is the most
precious. Wealth, learning, and honor are dearly purchased at the loss
of the vigor of health. None of these can secure happiness, if health is
lacking. It is a terrible sin to abuse the health that God has given us;
such abuses enfeeble us for life, and make us losers, even if we gain
by such means any amount of education.
Satan’s Power—The present enfeebled condition of the human
family has been presented before me. Every generation has been
growing weaker, and diseases of every form afflict the race. Thou-
sands of poor mortals, with deformed, sickly bodies, shattered nerves,
and gloomy minds, are dragging out a miserable existence. Satan’s
power upon the human family increases. If the Lord were not soon to
come and put an end to his cruel work, the earth would ere long be
I was shown that Satan’s power is especially exercised upon the
people of God. Many were presented before me in a doubting, despair-
ing condition. The infirmities of the body affect the mind. A cunning
and powerful enemy attends our steps, and employs his strength and
skill in trying to turn us out of the right way. Too often it is the case
that the people of God are not on the watch, and are therefore ignorant
of his devices. He works by means which will best conceal himself
from view, and he often gains his object.
Appetite—Providence has been leading the people of God out
from the extravagant habits of the world, away from the indulgence
of appetite and passion, to take their stand upon the platform of self-
denial, and temperance in all things. The people whom God is leading
will be peculiar. They will not be like the world. If they follow the
leadings of God, they will accomplish his purposes, and will yield their
will to his will. Christ will dwell in the heart. The temple of God will
be holy. Your body, says the apostle, is the temple of the Holy Ghost.
God does not require his children to deny themselves to the injury of
physical strength. He requires them to obey natural law, in order to