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Nearly thirty years ago there appeared in print the first of a series
of remarkable and important articles on the subject of health, by Mrs.
E. G. White. These articles at once commanded earnest consideration
by those who were acquainted with Mrs. White’s previous writings
and labors. Thousands were led to change life-long habits, and to
renounce practices thoroughly fixed by heredity as well as by long
indulgence. So great a revolution could not be wrought in a body of
people without the aid of some powerful incentive, which in this case
was undoubtedly the belief that the writings referred to not only bore
the stamp of truth, but were indorsed as such by a higher than human
authority. This is not the proper place for the consideration of the
grounds upon which this belief was based, but the reader’s attention is
invited to a few facts of interest in this connection:
1. At the time the writings referred to first appeared, the subject
of health was almost wholly ignored, not only by the people to whom
they were addressed, but by the world at large.
2. The few advocating the necessity of a reform in physical habits,
propagated in connection with the advocacy of genuine reformatory
principles the most patent and in some instances disgusting errors.
3. Nowhere, and by no one, was there presented a systematic
and harmonious body of hygienic truths, free from patent errors, and
consistent with the Bible and the principles of the Christian religion.
Under these circumstances, the writings referred to made their
appearance. The principles taught were not enforced by scientific
authority, but were presented in a simple, straightforward manner by
one who makes no pretense to scientific knowledge, but claims to
write by the aid and authority of the divine enlightenment.
How have the principles presented under such peculiar circum-
stances and with such remarkable claims stood the test of time and
experience? Is a question which may very properly be asked. Its
answer is to be found in facts which are capable of the amplest verifi-
cation. The principles presented have been put to the test of practical